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  • Helga Beaumont has a B.A. H.Ed degree and a secretarial diploma. She taught at secondary school level for a number of years. She is happily married and has two beautiful daughters.

  • Photograpy - Helga has a diploma in photography. Her passion for photography started with her first camera. The school she was teaching at, needed a photographer for their new magazine. It has remained a passion ever since.

  • Her fabric work has been a large part of her life. She has been involved with Fibreworks, a group dedicated to breaking the fabric art boundaries. They have 3 catalogues called 'Major Minors 1', 'Major Minors II' and 'Major Minors IV'. Helga was very involved in their production. She has also co-ordinated the Fibreworks website as well - http://www.fibreworksart.com/.

  • Her work has featured in several exhibitions nationally and internationally and she has been invited to exhibit in a number of of collaborative exhibitions. Several of her exhibition works and the exhibition venues can be seen in the exhibition section.

  • Helga has work published in 2010 in '1000 Artisan Textiles', and in 'Innovative Threads - a Decade of Fibre Art (SA)' and Dana Biddle's book entitled "Knitting Adventure with South African Yarn". In 2013 the SAQC published a book called "Laslap en Kwilts". Helga's work "Victoria's Secret" was in this book. Her work has featured in various magazines: the QuiltingArts magazine, Stitches and Bears (SA). She also had a work featured on the cover of the 2002 South African Quilt Festival brochure in Cape Town.

  • In 2014/2016 her works "To be Free" and "Voice of the Voicelss" were respectively published in the books "Conscience of the Human Spirit: The Life of Nelson Mandela" and "Ubuntu: Life Legacies of Love and Action". The first of these books is dedicated to Nelson Mandela and the second to Bishop Desmond Tutu.

  • She is an accredited Quilting Teacher and specializes in fabric dyeing. She has taught in various South African venues.

  • Her work has also sold nationally and internationally.

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